The European Hdtrialfinder is established by the European Huntington Association (EHA). EHA is a non-profit umbrella organization for all Huntington Associations in Europe.  We have 44 member associations in 29 European countries (August 2019). EHA is managed by HD family members  and professional volunteers and that is why the Hdtrialfinder is a tool made for us, by us.

Hdtrialfinder is the first and only European platform where all HD trials and studies are presented in plain language. We have developed the webpage to enable people to find out if clinical trials are an option for them, on their own terms as no log in is required, (to allow absolute privacy). Our goal is to give correct, relevant information about the trials in plain language everyone can understand. We also provide contact information, so you know who to contact if you want to express interest to join a trial or you have further questions. Our goal is to be a multi-lingual site in the near future.

Our mission is to empower and engage the HD community and inform them of our vital role to achieve our Vision: develop effective treatment and ultimately a cure for HD


HD trialfinder is funded by different organizations’ (listed below), as a service to the entire European HD community.  The content is no way influenced by our funders as we keep full editorial independency, nor have they asked to have any influence over the content. HD trial finder is continuing to raise funds in order to keep the site running, updated and relevant at all times.

Our Funders

Meet Our Team

Astri Arnesen

President-European Huntington Association

Svein Olaf Olsen

President- International Huntington Association

Michaela Winkelmann

President -German Huntington Association

Maria Phyllis Kitema

Organizational secretary