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WEBINAR with Roche: Why do we need a second Generation HD trial?

The European Huntington Association, in collaboration with Roche, organized a webinar to discuss updates on the GENERATION HD2 trial and address any questions about the necessity of this trial.

WEBINAR for Nordic countries: HS forskningsoppdateringer for de nordiske landene

The European Huntington Association and the Moving Forward team, in collaboration with the Norwegian HD Association and the Swedish HD Association, organized a Webinar on HD research updates for the Nordic Countries. The webinar is in Norwegian.

WEBINAR PTC Therapeutics: Avances en la investigación de Huntington

The EHA / Moving Forward team, together with the Federación Española de Personas Afectadas por la Enfermedad de Huntington (FEPAEH) and in collaboration with PTC Therapeutics, organized this webinar to inform the Spanish-speaking community about the phase 2 clinical trial PIVOT-HD and to share the details about the participation of four Spanish sites in this study. Dr. Esther Cubo, Principal Investigator at the Hospital Universitario de Burgos, Dr. Jose Luis López-Sendón Moreno, Principal Investigator at the Hospital Ramón y Cajal de Madrid, Dr. Tamara Fernández, Principal Investigator at the Hospital Universitario De Cruces en Barakaldo (Bilbao), and Dr. Jaime Kulisevsky, Principal Investigator at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau de Barcelona, participated in the webinars.


When the news about the preliminary study results from the PROOF-HD study came the last week of April 2023, many people were disappointed. Some sources presented it as a solely negative outcome and many expressed great disappointment. In our view, the results are much more mixed and not at all only negative. Some of the participants in the study seem to have a clear benefit from the drug. Knowledge is power The European Huntington Association, in collaboration with Prilenia, organized a webinar to learn more about the PROOF-HD mixed results. Dr Michael Hayden (founder and CEO of Prilenia), Dr Ralf Reilman (Principal Investigator for PROOF-HD in Europe) and Dr. Andrew Feigin (Chair at The Huntington Study Group) will explain the results and indicate further steps.

WEBINAR NOVARTIS - Lessons learnt from VIBRANT-HD Trial

The European Huntington Association, in collaboration with Novartis, organized a Webinar to talk about the lessons learned from VIBRANT-HD study and the decision to stop the development of branaplam in HD. The webinar speakers included VIBRANT-HD clinical site investigator and Steering Committee member, Bernhart Landwehrmeyer, Medical lead for the branaplam program, Dr. Harry Ramos, and Clinical program head for the branaplam program, Dr. Beth Borowsky. 

WEBINAR WAVE- Updates on the Select HD clinical trial

The European Huntington Association, in collaboration with Wave, organized a Webinar on the updates of Select-HD clinical trial for Huntington’s disease. Dr. Ralf Reilmann, founder of the George-Huntington Institute in Muenster, presented an overview of the SELECT-HD trial, which is looking at the safety of the investigational molecule called WVE-003. After his presentation, we had a Q&A session with Danlin Xu, HD Medical Director at Wave, and Marissa Volpe, HD Program Lead at Wave. 

WEBINAR ROCHE: Phase 2 GENERATION HD2 trial is open now

The GENERATION HD2 clinical trial is just about to start recruiting participants in the first of a total of 15 countries and 9 of them are in Europe: Denmark, France, Germany, UK, Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. The study aims to enroll 360 participants and evaluate the safety of the investigational drug tominersen in people with early manifest HD. The Clinical Science Leader from Roche, Dr. Peter McColgan, and the Principal Investigator in Madrid (Spain), Dr. José Luis López-Sendón, provided the latest updates on the study and their research efforts in HD.

WEBINAR PTC Therapeutics - The 'PTC518' clinical trial updates

The European Huntington Association, in collaboration with PTC Therapeutics, organized a Webinar on the progress of their Phase 2 clinical trial, called PIVOT HD, which has just started here in Europe.
The trial and treatment approach was presented by professor Sarah Tabrizi from University College London. She explained everything about the compound ‘PTC518’.
After the presentation, Brian Beers, Global Project Leader and Amy-Lee Bredlau, Sr Dir Clinical Development from PTC, took part in the discussion.

WEBINAR Prilenia - All you need to know about PROOF HD

The European Huntington Association, in collaboration with Prilenia, bring some updates about the Phase 3 trial where the investigational drug pridopidine is evaluated on HD patients. Close to 500 participants in North America and Europe are given either the active drug or placebo for more than one year. The recruitment went fast and smooth and we can expect to have the first results published sometime first half of 2023. The speakers told us about the background and mechanisms of Pridopidine, status for the trial and potential next steps. listen to Michael Hayden, Andrew Feigin, Ralf Reilman and Anne Rosser in this Webinar.

Generation HD1 - What does the data tell us?

After several months digging into all the information collected in the Generation HD1 trial Roche is ready tell us about their findings in a webinar organized by EHA in collaboration with Roche and EHDN. Lauren Boak, PhD and Peter McColgan, MD, PhD from Roche will present the key findings from the Generation HD1 trial and the Tominersen program. Prof Anne Rosser, chair of EHDN, is participating in the following Q&A session and will help us understand the value of the findings and how we can make use of them for future work.

WAVE - What happened and what's next?

In this Zoom Webinar, Vissia Viglietta will be speaking on behalf of WAVE. She would explain the results and all the good work they have been doing in improving from the updates on PRECISION-HD1 and PRECISION-HD2 medical trials. WAVE would also present the promising approach that they are pursuing, the WVE-003 Project.

Huntington's Disease Treatment: Summary of 2020

With the help of Prof. Anne Rosser, Dr. Ralf Reilmann, Dr. Alzbeta Mühlbäck, and Astri Arnesen, president of the European Huntington Association, we summarised the biggest achievements in 2020 and made some predictions for 2021 regarding drug development in Huntington’s disease.