HDTrialFinder is an online tool that help you find Huntington's disease (HD) surveys, studies and clinical trials in Europe.
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What is a clinical trial?
Learn how the trials and studies are done, and how you can get involved
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Participate in research
Everyone can help in the fight to cure Huntington’s disease. Join the cause by staying informed, participating in research or becoming an advocate for those with Huntington´s disease and their families.
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How to navigate in HD Trial Finder?
Watch our video presentation of this Webpage and the new features
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Countries with Ongoing clinical trials

Here you can find every ongoing interventional and observational clinical trial in each country:

“The patient community needs researchers. They look for new ways to develop effective treatments. Researchers also need the patient and rely on their participation to ensure research is meaningful. Patients are not only subjects, but active actors in the discovery of new treatments. With such a changing landscape in the Huntington’s disease research field now is not the time to say: “someone else will do it”. That someone is YOU. We are the experts. The ones living or caring for someone with Huntington’s. We all have a part, no matter how small, to play in research. “​

Board Member | European Huntington Association