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The study is a Phase 1/2 and will look at the safety and how participants tolerate a new antisense oligonucleotide(ASO) in early stage disease, called WVE-003.

WVE-003 is a new investigational molecule that tries to reduce the toxic mHTT protein (while avoiding targeting the healthy, wild-type huntingtin protein, and preserving its beneficial effects in the central nervous system).

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Webinar with Wave on the updates of SELECT-HD clinical trial

Danlin Xu presents updates on SELECT-HD trial

Ages Eligible
for Study:

25 Years to 60 Years

Sexes Eligible
for Study:


Accepts Healthy Volunteers:


  1. Presence of the A variant of SNP3 on the same allele as the pathogenic CAG triplet expansion
  2. Ambulatory, male or female patients aged ≥25 to ≤60 years
  3. Clinical diagnostic motor features of HD, defined as Unified Huntington’s Disease Rating Scale (UHDRS) Diagnostic Confidence Score = 4
  4. UHDRS Total Functional Capacity Scores ≥9 and ≤13
  1. Malignancy or received treatment for malignancy, other than treated basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma of the skin, within the previous 5 years
  2. Received any other study drug, including an investigational oligonucleotide, within the past 1 year or 5 half-lives of the drug, whichever is longer, with the exception of the following: Received WVE-120101 or WVE-120102 within the last 3 months.
  3. Implantable CNS device that may interfere with ability to administer study drug via lumbar puncture or undergo MRI scan
  4. Inability to undergo brain MRI (with or without sedation)
  5. Bone, spine, bleeding, or other disorder that exposes the patient to risk of injury or unsuccessful lumbar puncture




  • TRIAL SITE:Rigshospitalet
  • Address:Copenhagen, Denmark, 2100
  • Principal Investigator: Lena Hjermind, MD


  • TRIAL SITE: Hopital Henri Mondor – Hospital
  • Address: Créteil, France, 94010
  • Principal Investigator: Katia Youssov, MD 
  • TRIAL SITE:Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle Epiniere
  • Address: Paris, France, 75646
  • Principal Investigator: Alexandra Durr, MD, PhD


  • TRIAL SITE: Katholisches Klinikum Bochum gGmbH
  • Address: Bochum, Germany, 44791
  • Principal Investigator: Carsten Saft, MD     
  • TRIAL SITE: George-Huntington-Institut GmbH
  • Address: Muenster, Germany, 48149
  • Principal Investigator: Ralf Reilman, MD  
  • TRIAL SITE: kbo-Isar-Amper-Klinikum Taufkirchen (Vils)
  • Address: Taufkirchen, Germany, 84416
  • Principal Investigator:  Alzbeta Mühlbäck, MD  


  • TRIAL SITE: Centro Ricerche Cliniche Di Verona
  • Address: Verona, Italy
  • Principal Investigator: Tomasso Bovi, MD


  • TRIAL SITE: Szpital Sw. Wojciecha
  • Address:Gdańsk, Poland, 80-462
  • Principal Investigator: Jaroslaw Slawek, MD     
  • TRIAL SITE: Instytut Psychiatrii I Neurologii
  • Address:Warsaw, Poland, 02-957
  • Principal Investigator: Grzegorz Witkowski, MD, PhD 


  • TRIAL SITE: Hospital de la Sanata Creu i Sant Pau
  • Address: Barcelona, Spain, 08041
  • Principal Investigator: Jaime Kulisevsky, MD, PhD 
  • TRIAL SITE: Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal
  • Address: Madrid, Spain, 28034
  • Principal Investigator: Jose Luis Lopez-Sendon Moreno, MD


  • TRIAL SITE: Royal Liverpool University Hospital
  • Address: Liverpool, United Kingdom, L7 8XP
  • Principal Investigator: Richard Rhys Davies, MA BMBCh PhD FRCP 
  • TRIAL SITE:Royal Liverpool University Hospital
  • Address: Liverpool, United Kingdom, L7 8XP
  • Principal Investigator: Richard Rhys Davies, MA BMBCh PhD FRCP     
  • TRIAL SITE: Cardiff University, Schools of Medicine and Biosciences
  • Address: Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom, CF14 4XW
  • Principal Investigator: Anne Rosser, PhD, MBBChir, MRCP   
  • TRIAL SITE: Royal Hospital for Children, Pharmacy Aseptic Unit
  • Address:Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom, G51 4TF
  • Principal Investigator: Matthew Sheridan 
  • TRIAL SITE: Royal Victoria Infirmary
  • Address: Newcastle, United Kingdom
  • Principal Investigator: Suresh Komati, MD   
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Antisense Oligonucleotide(ASO)

A type of gene silencing treatment in which specially designed DNA molecules are used to switch off a gene. (from

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Mutant huntingtin protein. The protein produced by the faulty HD gene.

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Exclusion Criteria

A type of eligibility criteria. These are reasons that a person is not allowed to participate in a clinical study.

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CAG repeat

The stretch of DNA at the beginning of the HD gene, which contains the sequence CAG repeated many times, and is abnormally long in people who will develop HD. (from

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The stage of a clinical trial studying a drug or biological product, based on definitions developed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The phase is based on the study’s objective, the number of participants, and other characteristics. There are five phases: Early Phase 1 (formerly listed as Phase 0), Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, and Phase 4. Not Applicable is used to describe trials without FDA-defined phases, including trials of devices or behavioral interventions.

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Inclusion Criteria

A type of eligibility criteria. These are the reasons that a person is allowed to participate in a clinical study.